Due to the number of registrations the Committee will pre-select the teams and finalise the draws prior to the commencement of the season. The teams and draws will be published on the Inverell Football Club Web-site and Facebook Page.
Team selections will be undertaken by a panel of Committee members with most volunteering their time over the last 5 seasons. Teams in each division will be selected based on a number of criteria including age, gender and known ability – based on previous seasons and training.
While the Committee will endeavour to select even teams, we hope that you can appreciate that it is impossible to ensure that every team in every division will be equal or that every game will be even……….that’s sport.
The Committee also hopes that parents and children can appreciate that teams can’t be selected so that all children will be playing on their mate’s team. This in past years has contributed to significant delays to commencing the season.
The Committee hopes that parents will embrace the spirit of the “team sport philosophy” and that if your child is not playing with “all” their mates, you and your child will see this as a positive opportunity to meet new friends.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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