Inverell FC holds Junior training on Thursday afternoons during the season. All registered players are welcome to join in where they will participate in skills training, fitness activities, games and football.


In the event that you wish to hold your own team training outside of Inclusive Training, you will first need to gain approval (link to the right) from Inverell FC. This is essential for the safety of our children. We also need to be mindful that other clubs have the fields booked at times. 

You will need to fill out the linked form and submit it. Once approved, the club will be in contact with you with instructions.

REP Training

Children that have trialled for a REP TEAM in 2019 have started training with their coaches. There will be a second round of try outs coming soon. If your child is interested in training for a travelling REP TEAM please contact Matt Ehsman.
You can view the requirements on our REP INFO page.

Inclusive Training


5 -12 Years are between 4 - 5 pm

12 - 16 Years are between 5 - 6 pm


Inclusive Training Coaches:

Peter Browett (SAP under NIF)

Fiona Sinclair

Darren Moore

Matthew Ehsman

Anthony Gaias

Rod Douglass

Andrew Kerr

along with other helpers.

What to Bring:

Water Bottle

Football Boots

Shin Pads

Ball (Older Kids)


Please note that fees may be applied if  you are wishing to train under lights. Due to our responsibility to protect all children registered with Inverell FC, we ask that the Nominated Coach hold a WWC number and be registered as a volunteer with Inverell FC. We thank you for your cooperation.