Inverell FC Team Information

We would like to first thank everyone for their ongoing support throughout these times. We are working extra hard this year not only to facilitate games, but also to accommodate social distancing restrictions. As such there have been some significant changes that you need to be mindful of.

If your child is playing on one of the top fields we would appreciate if you could enter and exit via the top car parks. Alternatively, if your child is playing on the bottom fields, we would like you to enter and exit via the bottom car parks. For new comers – the Top fields relate to the fields closest to the netball facility, and the bottom fields are the 3 full sized fields closest to the Tingha bridge.

At all times please be mindful of social distancing requirements. Sanitiser will be available at each field. We have sign on sheets for all players and spectators that will need to be completed at every game by everyone. This is enforceable by the Council and the Police. Breaching this requirement could see our season shut down. Please note that these records will only be used for COVID record keeping purposes.

The game format has changed for multiple age groups to accommodate the lower numbers and to ensure everyone still gets a game. Please refer to our website and our facebook feed for up to date information about rules per age group. These will also be supplied on a clipboard at each field when you sign on. If all else fails please look for a helpful volunteer wearing high visibility vests.

This year we are NOT wearing team jerseys. Instead kids are requested to wear plain clothes (preferably not red or maroon) and BIBS will be supplied to all players (on the first game day – at their field). One team will wear bibs and the other team will not. Each child is responsible for their own bib and needs to bring it each game irrespective of what it says on the draw. The reason is simple – we are down on numbers and as such down on substitute players. The season is non-competitive and as such you might be required to play for the other team if numbers are short.


  1. Shin pads

  2. Football Boots

  3. Long Socks

  4. Preferably white shorts

  5. Preferable a plain shirt that is NOT Red or Maroon

At this stage due to us having to abide by a COVID Safety Plan there will be no community training for children. However, there will still be senior training on Thursdays. Note that because community training won’t be available at this stage, additional assistance and guidance will be provided by volunteers for the younger players. If you have any questions on a game day please look for committee members who will be wearing High Visibility Vests.

Thank you for your support this year. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday the 25th of July.


Inverell FC Committee

2020 Game Times **
Games will happen in two sessions; 9 am and 10.30 am.
9 am Session: 4-7 years and 13+ Years
10.30 am Session: 8-9 Years and 10-12 years
Field Set Up
Starts at 7.45
**Times subject to change before the season starts