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Inverell FC Team Information
Please be aware that teams are made as fair as possible and we will look at these in the first couple of week. Changes will be made if we believe one team is over powering. The aim of Saturday sport is to include all children, develop skills, fitness and the love of sport.
Unfortunately we can not put kids together unless there is a genuine need due to supervision requirements. We hope that your children can make some new friends and develop team spirit.


  1. Shin pads

  2. Football Boots

  3. Long Socks, preferably white

  4. Preferably white shorts (Available to order via rego page)

  5. Shirt that has been provided

Our branded clothing is optional. 

Beanies, Hats, Training Bags, Training Polos and socks are available HERE of on the first day. 

2021 Game times (3).png
Field Map 22.png
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